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Group Sessions


Group Child’Space sessions are a unique, interactive and joyful program for babies and their parents or caregivers. Parents learn touch, song and hands-on movement techniques to support infant development. This helps parents bond with and attune to their baby, facilitating optimal attachment.


These group sessions are run in a series from birth to independent walking and beyond relative to the developmental stage that your child is in.


Pre-Crawlers: (from 6 weeks) 

This class is for babies from 6 weeks of age and up to babies who are beginning to be on the move. We will explore tummy time solutions, rolling, reaching and more.


On The Move: (crawlers and cruisers)

This class is for babies who are beginning to pivot, creep or crawl and are on the move. We will explore variations of sitting, movement transitions and moving towards pulling to stand, standing and cruising.


Toddlers: (walking up to age 3)

In this group toddlers will learn to build on greater movement challenges such as

running, jumping, balancing and climbing whilst revisiting the full repertoire of movement. Strength, coordination, timing and balance are a focus as the building blocks for more complex sensori-motor skills related to school readiness.












Gain a clear understanding of early infant development


Learn hands-on skills for handling and settling their baby


Find new ways to soothe, play and connect with their baby


Use touch to increase body awareness and regulate muscle tone


Improve their baby’s quality of movement in rolling, sitting, crawling, standing and walking


Discover how to read important signals for early sensory regulation


Address skipped milestones


Encourage vocalisation – the foundations of speaking


Learn when to help and when to allow your baby to problem solve


Set up the play environment to encourage optimal development


Find out what toys and equipment are useful and those that are not

Learning Opportunities

During group Child’Space sessions, parents will:

Special Attention Groups:

These groups are for babies who are at a similar developmental stage and have specific needs that are best addressed in a small group session (maximum of 3 babies). Please contact Lauren D'Arsie for group session times, locations and pricing.

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