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Who Can Benefit?

Group and individual sessions support and facilitate optimal development and are therefore appropriate for all children at all stages of development.


Through these therapy sessions, parents are able to build skills and strategies to resolve any typical difficulties such as:

Feeding issues


Flattened head or neck tightness


Tummy time difficulty


Skipped or delayed milestones


Bottom shuffling or toe walking


High or low muscle tone


Self regulation


Over or under sensitivity to touch, sound, temperature, textures, movement etc.


Frustration or learning 'blocks'


Limited movement repertoire


Difficulties with walking, running, jumping, climbing, balance or coordination



The following are some examples of concerns suitable for treatment sessions:




Hip Dysplasia


Postural issues



Premature babies

Developmental delay

Tummy-time refusal

Bottom shuffling

Toe walking

High or low muscle tone

Poor movement repertoire


Visual impairment 

Sensory defensiveness or seeking

Difficulty with self-regulation

Poor concentration and focus

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Depth perception



Sports skills improvement

Coordination, strength and balance

Performing arts

Motivation and engagement

Sporting injuries

School readiness

Children with Special Needs

Neurological conditions

Genetic or metabolic conditions

Autism Spectrum

Down Syndrome





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