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Individual Sessions

Personalised, hands-on treatment sessions are particularly helpful for parents who have specific questions or concerns regarding their child’s development and where a one-on-one learning environment is optimal. These sessions take place in a Paediatric Therapy room which has been custom built to suit the needs of children with various sensori-motor challenges. 


Who is it for?

The nature of these concerns may be:





Hip Dysplasia


Postural issues




Premature babies

Delayed milestones (developmental delay)

Tummy-time refusal

Bottom shuffling

Toe walking

High or low muscle tone

Poor movement repertoire



Visual impairment causing delayed development

Sensory Processing issues

Difficulty with self-regulation, concentration and focus

Sensory defensiveness or sensory seeking

Autism Spectrum Disorders



Sports skills improvement

Coordination, strength and balance

Performing arts

Motivation and engagement

School readiness


Children with special needs

Individual therapy sessions are specifically recommended for any babies or children with diagnoses for which early intervention is helpful for improving long-term outcome. The early intervention program is for children from 0-4 years of age. Therapy is arranged for local and regional clients in formats of either weekly sessions, or intensive therapy ‘blocks’ depending on the needs of the child. 


Lauren is a registered NDIS Provider for any children eligible through these funding streams. She is also registered for the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Scheme (EPC) visits and Private Health rebates for Physiotherapy.


Please contact Lauren to discuss treatment sessions for your child.

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