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Baby Liv - infant development and how this relates to Organic Learning and The Feldenkrais Method

This is a montage of a little baby named Liv learning about Rolling. This video clip is used to highlight the foundations and principles of The Feldenkrais Method. Many of the learning strategies observed here are evoked whilst participating in a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson. For example, finding the support of the floor, movement repetition that is driven by curiosity and refining an action so that it can begin to feel reversible and effortless. This is why Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are so wonderful!

I also like to use this video to illustrate the state of Organic Learning which is characteristic of early infant development. In this particular clip of baby Liv, she is involved in an active state of exploration around the function of rolling. She is engaged in a process that is known as Organic Learning.

You can see many of the qualities of Organic learning in this short video clip. For example, the individual nature of Liv's learning style, that she is not motivated by the achievement of a goal, but is guided by curiosity and a feeling of satisfaction when her attempts to roll feel smoother, lighter and more connected. The way in which she is learning at her own pace, with her own rhythm of rest and activity, trials and errors. How she adapts her new skill to the environment - to reach for a toy and makes it more refined - quicker, easier, reversible and elegant. She is deeply, internally satisfied with herself and then fully integrates the knowledge of rolling into her movement repertoire so that she can explore her environment.

It is such a beautiful process to watch! Remember as you watch it that we, as human beings, have all had this incredible opportunity to learn. Try to apply some of the flavours of Organic Learning to your study, work, hobbies and parenting life and see what unfolds....


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